Weight:  DemiBold
Optical size:  Lock optical size72pt
Font size:   34pt
Léman is a neogrotesque type family available in seven optical sizes with nine weights each, supporting 516 languages across Latin and Cyrillic scripts
Sylistic alternates:
a: single-storey
a: no tail
R and Я: angled leg
g: single-storey
ф: alternate form
Numerals: angled 6 and 9
French: alternate Franc
Zero tabular: no dot
Zero tabular: slashed
Punctuation: rectangular
Ordinals: no underline
Numero: raised
Cross: Grendl mode
Д and Л: alternate forms
ß: noodle form
ẞ: Dresden form

Léman’s design is inspired by the grotesque type styles found in the mid 19th through early 20th century in Germany and the US. The font family is available in seven optical sizes, drawing a bridge between between Bauer’s Breite Grotesk at text (8pt) sizes, and Berthold's Royal Grotesk at display (72pt) sizes. Léman supports extended Latin, including Pan-Nigerian and Vietnamese, as well as extended and localized Cyrillic, for a total of 516 languages supported. Each of Léman's 63 styles is available individually or all together in a single-file variable font

Publication date
TBD 2024
Design date
Weight, optical size
Number of styles
Scripts supported
Cyrillic, Latin
Total glyphs
OpenType features
Stylistic alternates, localized forms, contextual alternates, discretionary ligatures, fractions, old-style figures, tabular figures, small capitals, case-sensitive forms
Design, production, engineering
Jeremy Tribby
Consultant, Cyrillic
Maria Doreuli
Consultant, Vietnamese
Donny Trương

Latin letters

Cyrillic letters






Languages supported: