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Countertype is a type foundry based in Oakland, California. We design and produce original typefaces, offer custom type design and consulting services to brands, and provide font production and engineering services to other foundries. Our newest typefaces Léman and Kinzig will be available for licensing soon, follow us for more. Join our mailing list
Coming soon: Kinzig
Weight:  DemiBold
Optical size:  72pt
Font size:   34pt
Léman is a neogrotesque type family available in seven optical sizes with nine weights each, supporting over 500 languages.
Publication dateTBD
Design date2018-2023
AxesWeight, optical size
Number of styles63
Scripts supportedCyrillic (Google Cyrillic Pro), Latin (Latin-M)
Total glyphs1854
OpenType features15 stylistic alternates, discretionary ligatures
Design, production, engineeringJeremy Tribby
Consulting, CyrillicMaria Doreuli
Consulting, VietnameseDonny Trương

Léman’s design is inspired by the grotesque type styles found in the mid 19th through early 20th century in Germany and the US. The font family is available in seven optical sizes, and supports extended Latin as well as extended and localized Cyrillic, for a total of more than 500 languages supported. Each of Léman's 63 styles is available individually, or together as a single-file variable font.

Font size:   120pt
Kinzig is a sharp and compressed blackletter in the Fraktur style
Publication dateTBD
Design date2020-2023
Design, production, engineeringJeremy Tribby
Number of styles1
Scripts supportedLatin
OpenType featuresContextual alternates

Kinzig is a heavy and narrow blackletter with a modern, digital sharpness, marker-like overlaps, compressed width, tall x-height, and tight letterspacing. It was inspired by the expressionistic Fraktur styles of early 20th century Germany.

Weight:  Regular
Font size:   34pt
Randonneur is a humanist sans-serif typeface in six weights. More details are coming soon, please write for a preview or to inquire about licensing.
Publication dateTBD
Design date2023
Number of styles6
Scripts supported Cyrillic, Latin
Design, production, engineeringJeremy Tribby

Randonneur is a humanist sans that pairs traditional brush capitals with playful lowercase proportions and angular details that evoke midcentury France.